But let’s get real for a moment?

‘Cause that’s how we love to be around here!

That life you’ve been wanting to create is right at your fingertips and here’s the thing, making the decision is easy but doing the work and creating the change that’s not so easy.

And if you’re like most rebels, creatives and dreamers you are always trying to figure it out for yourself.

Now let me ask you something:

How many changes in your life have you attempted?

How many businesses have you started only to end up hitting that proverbial brick wall?

Of course, you want to live a life on your own terms, who doesn’t?

Of course, you want to make money and spend your days with family (or not) cause who knows what next big idea is that will inspire you into action!

And it would be awesome if we could do it all alone. And it would also be awesome that we could just know things and do those things with ease.

But the reality is that it takes commitment to learning, trying new things, being open to adjusting course and a hell of a lot of support.

This is exactly what the Rebel Soul Connection is about and what it offers!

You will get support, courses, tools and resources to learn, grow and do

Rebel Business – creating a business being you

Soul Life – creating a life in line with your vision

Connection Calls – get your questions answered on a monthly Q & A

All for one awesome price!

Early Bird pricing ends on July 14th, 2017

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You want a life that feels aligned with your vision!

A business that supports you and your life doing what you want!

Becoming and being who you are is the essence of deciding and stepping into the life you keep seeing in your vision.

It’s your responsibility to learn, grow and do so you can lead and be the inspiration for others along the way.

Creating a business is more than just living a good life. It needs to support your vision.

And how can you find your way and make this happen?

You invite support into your life!

And for many, asking family and friends isn’t the greatest option because they don’t get you, they judge you, and struggle to support you.

Not because they don’t love you but because going against the grain doesn’t feel safe.

But you are meant for more, to be bigger, to be courageous and allow all parts of you shine into this world.

Your life and your business is a journey that only you can decide to go on.

And you only have this one life to live, right here, right now.

And it’s time to forge your own path!

This takes dedication, commitment and courage to face everything head on and tenacity to rid yourself of the excuses!

And you’ve tried to do many things on your own, only to realize you’re not getting anywhere! Doubt creeps in, feelings of not being enough and you’re ready to throw in the towel.

But there is this one tiny part of you that won’t let you. That little piece of knowing you can’t give up, that you need to figure it out and you keep searching for the answers.

No more searching because you have arrived!

You have this vision, mission and dream

But let me know sugar coat a thing because the moment you decide to create this life and business according to your terms, you will:

  • Get crazy looks from the people around you
  • Be judged by loved ones and strangers
  • Doubt yourself gazillion time
  • Want to play it safe because it’s easy
  • Want to quit because that’s easy too

But here’s what I want you to know:

  • If you trust your intuition
  • Believe in yourself
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people
  • Tap into your Soul Vision
  • Accept you for who you are

Everything will unfold in this beautiful mess that feels like you have front row seats to your favorite music concert.

Fail Forward, start now!


I wasn’t born knowing how to create the life I wanted and I failed a lot. Miserably!

I had to learn a lot! More importantly, I had to trust my intuition and stand in what I believed to be true for me. Even if it meant alienating people and reinventing myself over and over again. 

And everything I have learned along the way is what I am sharing with you because doing it together is so much better than feeling all alone in this world. 

Rebel Soul Connection is here to support you in every way.


It’s more than courses and programs.

It’s about connecting, sharing the struggle and the successes!

It’s about knowing what is possible when no one else believes in you! 













It’s one part life changing magic and one part business creation.

We believe that for rebels, creatives and dreamers


  • Authenticity is of the essence in your being 
  • Integrity always plays a role in every facet
  • Dreaming Big comes naturally to you
  • Motivation is based on your visions & why
  • Realness is crucial so you can learn and grow



Rebel Soul Connection is here for you

Early Bird pricing ends on July 14th, 2017

Sign up today and receive a 6-month membership for the Create your Colorful Life

Programs & Courses within the Rebel Soul Connection

The Art Entrepreneur

The Rebel Entrepreneur

Social Media

WordPress Website

Blog & Content Development

Opt-in & Sales Funnel

Create Courses

Create a Coloring Book

Write your book & publish 

Goal Setting for Creatives 

Money Planning

Budget Creation

Passive Income

Planning your vision

Expert Trainings 

Confidence Course

Problem Solving

Boundaries create Freedom

Pyrography course

Journaling course

Mindset Course

Monthly Challenges 

+ many more

But wait there’s more! 

Not only are you going to get all these courses and programs and my attention to helping you succeed. 

You have the ability to receive gifts like 

  • Gift cards to amazon, audible and more 
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions with me
  • Signed copies of my books 
  • Personalized Gifts 
  • Membership Spotlight 
  • Social Media Mentions 
  • and much more 

How will this happen? 

I am so glad you ask! 

When you complete assignments you will be able to unlock badges and achieve goals. When you complete the goals, I have assigned different gifts for you to receive. 

Why would I do this? 

Because I’m a little bit crazy!

And because hard work deserves to be rewarded and I want you to make things happen, to shake up your world and to achieve your dreams. 

And the best of it all is that you have a community that rallies behind you, that walks with you during those hard days and celebrates your success! 

It is time to forge your own path!

Early Bird pricing ends on July 14th, 2017

Sign up today and receive a 6-month membership for the Create your Colorful Life


Q: When will I get access to the rebel soul Connection?

Immediately after purchasing! I don’t want you to wait for another second to forge your own path!

Q: How long will I have access to the Rebel soul connection?

Everything will be available for the duration of your membership, plus anything new added! 

Q: How long does my membership last? Is it just until the end of the calendar year?

Your membership is a recurring annual subscription. You can cancel it at any time, and still access the Academy for the year you’ve already paid for. If you sign up and don’t cancel the recurring subscription, then your membership simply continues without interruptions!

Q: WHY are you charging so little for so much?

Because I can! But more importantly, I know how challenging it can be with limited resources and wanting to create this magical life of yours. I pour all of my energy into Rebel Soul Connection and integrity means everything to me. But more so, I want you to succeed and have access to the tools and resources that will help you get to where you want to go. 

Q: I don’t have a business. Will this still be useful to me?

Of course! I firmly believe that change starts with the life edition and not the business edition of things. You may never want a business and that’s okay but you will have access to personal development tools and resources to help you create the change you want in life and still be able to forge your own path. 

Q: Can I join with my friend or business partner and share a membership?

Uhh nope. I love people supporting each other and cheering each other on. But everyone ought to invest into themselves because life is such a personal journey. No shared memberships are allowed.

Q: Are men allowed to access the Rebel Soul Connection?

I am equal opportunity rebel dream supporter! But if you are here to hook up with women and try and use this as a dating service, don’t bother! And women that goes for you too! This is about you going after what you want and taking action to making it happen. 

Q: What is your refund policy?

Please note that there are NO refunds for the Rebel Soul Connection membership except where required by Law. Even if you don’t end up using the mastermind, you still get to keep & use over and over again my products. When you invest in yourself with the Rebel Soul Connection membership, your purchase is final. 

In addition, please abide by our community rules. Don’t speak rudely or unkindly or behave inappropriately!

We expect our members to turn up with integrity, self-responsibility and an awesome attitude. If that doesn’t sound like you, this isn’t the right fit for you. 

Q: Will I I get sent stuff in the mail?

None of the course content will be physically mailed to you as you have access to it online. What you will receive is based on your commitment to doing the work, you will receive small tokens for your achievements, and some of them will require being mailed to you. 

Do you still have some questions? Contact me!